Saturday, 27 February 2010

Rachel Newsome - The Art show

Rachel Newsome, editor of style bible Dazed And Confused, guides viewers alphabetically through the landscape of contemporary culture: a place in which mainstream and underground have merged, buying a Dido CD has replaced political protest, and history is recalled as a series of Top Ten lists.
Have we surrendered to banality, or can we rediscover the authentic in a new generation of musicians, writers and performers? Rachel believes the answer may well lie in K (…for Knitting).

Friday, 26 February 2010

Roof tops and water towers

An exibition held at Urban oultfitter held by a friend Matt Comer who is a free lance photographer based in Manchester.
The evening was really lively - The photographs were displayed on the second floor the smallest of the three on one wall.

He took his photographs whislt on a road trip around america taking photographs of roof tops and warter towers where in the 80s & 90s it was popular to hold partys in these place though due to accidental deaths they were stopped. recently there has been a up rise of these events again. matthew has captured the essance of these palces after the partys have happened. capturing graffiti left behind & city scapes all in black & white

Cut out and keep

A book on Rob Ryans recent work for Yorkshire sculpture park offers a wider insight to his highly detailed paper art!
Ryan uses the same type of white paper for all his work ( Large peices of thick(ish) smooth paper)
then uses spray paint to colour.

I love how he uses such and simple and accesible material to create such beautiful sculptures

Thursday, 25 February 2010

National Womans day

Today i attended a meeting with the womans design group volenteering to help with there stall; i dont 100 percent agree with how they are going about things. for example no men can be involved with the project?  for an organisation against sexisum i cant see there reasoning.

We are asking people to write down experiences around the city which i had previously no idea that they were doing so, its intreasting as im also doing somthing very similar.
though the chairman isnt as bothered about peoples storys and there moods in diffrent areas and how arcitecture effects this
though collecting peoples storys on the stall will benifit my work greatly i belive

Monday, 15 February 2010


I found these really cool rooms, im not sure who they belong too: or that the paper says, but wouldnt they be amazing as an installation full shreaded paper full of memories & stories

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Mock presentation!

Well after spending last night like a angry bus driver ( snappy and on edge) haa
i did my presentation.. and it went okay i guess; it was nice to see other peoples work and hear them talk about it and have a chance to show mine. I dont show my work enough and i know i need to, it builds confidence.

I had some positve feed back with is always good. Hazel perticullarly liked my secrate partys. i have to admit that proberly my fravorite aswel

i realised que cards dont work for me. im not sure why i thought they would seen as im a slow reader haha.. we live and learn i guess!