Friday, 30 October 2009

useful or useless?

I have been thinking of inventions that are simple but effective, i was looking on a Japanese gadget site and came across these; i cannot stop telling people about the butter stick, i want one!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Lenardo da vinci

: scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, painter, sculptor, architect, musician, & writer.

his curiosity is inspired, there wasn't a question of "don't know how" he took risks and experiment, he is now thought of as one of the most diversely intelligent people who ever lived.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Letter press

sat in on an letter press induction today, i love the letter press workshop and how old everything is. i wasn't aloud to take part though, "my shoes were a hazard" but as Arnold said... I'll be back

Link gallery exibition


I'm am very excited to have my first pieces of work in the link gallery. the exhibition is on collages, i made them all on the subject of food. three boxes and a favorite of mine, my romantic teabag; with a charm to hand over your cup while its brewing

Sunday, 18 October 2009

kitsch design

Tea bag dress

Angela Brighten made this tea party dress out of, well tea bags and coffee filters. agreeable the dress looks amazing.
I've been thinking of tea bag designs, and possibly collage on them, or some re-design. they could be sweet postcards to family and friends ( as long as they like tea)
maybe i could expand on this idea with mail art

Big Draw Event @ Whitworth

My first little bit of public art!, The event ran 1 till 5, and basically you went in, grabbed some tape and scissors found yourself a space and started taping.
the theme was "lace inspired" i don't really know much about lace, (but I'm going research into it after today) so i improvised by thinking about the pattern's in an ice cream cone and flake. inspired by my current brief and the heat of the gallery!
Everyone loved it and i was asked to go back to future events. it was really nice to see everyone having fun & their different interpretations on the theme of lace.
n/b This was my art attack pose

Thursday, 15 October 2009

goodbye icecream van! see you next year.

Glues society's (collective) - Ice Cream truck.

exhibited at the 10th annual sculpture by the sea,Australia's largest annual free of contemporary sculpture.

The Ice cream truck took home both the peoples choice and the kids choice award.

explained by the collective to be " A statement on the perils of global warming" but even striped of its social commentary, its still a compelling piece.

Ive seen a few art pieces of ice cream vans, I'm not sure how as a society we see these trucks and in more political based work, like Banky's what the symbolise?

is it only a working class summer tradition to get ice creams from "the ice cream man"?

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


My first brief of the year! our subject is food.
I'm excited to work on this brief, as there are so many different avenues i could go down.
i have a few ideas so far.
and though i haven't posted any more on my food diary below i am carrying on with it, i just find it interesting to keep.

so far Ive found i eat too much bread and drink way too many cups of tea (if that is possible? )

Monday, 12 October 2009


Today i had a new brief set to "document everything we eat" from our Monday morning meeting to when i got into the studio at 10:30 tomorrow.

so far i have consumed:

Tom tom soup and a cup of tea @ the 8th day cafe with Kate
Vitamin water - raspberry and apple flavour (defence) while walking the streets of Manchester
A stick of celery on the train home were i bummed into Jamie
A carrot waiting for the kettle to boiled in my kitchen
Cup of tea with soy
Tasted a small bowl of kez's chickpea curry
Brown seeded toast plenty of marge with a cup of tea
Fajitas with wraps Neely made me
A cup of tea with soy

Toast and a cup of tea @ home
Trek peanut and oat bar @ bus stop
Vegan KitKat... or so i thought @ studio, was spat out
pear @ studio
walkers crisps, salt and vinger @ studio
chewing gum @ lecture theater
two bottles of water @ Corner house
mixed berry trek bar @ Corner house
slice of bread and tea @ kitchen
mushroom noodles and Marge brown bread @ dining room
cup of tea with Neely @ Neely's room
bottle of water @ kitchen
cornflakes with lots of sugar @ in bed
cup of tea @ in bed

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Wear it

At some point this year, when i have a range of images to work from i plan to take a work shop in jewellery making.
I have made plastic jewellery before, but would like to use metal and experiment with the playfulness which will be in the sybilisom i use and the hard yet delicate metals and (fake) perals

There is a French Jewellery designer; Gisele Ganne i found in a magazine i was reading who has an interesting collection " Mourning" or "divorce jewellery"
inspired by Victorian sentimental jewellery an era that she believe to have morned in style. Ganne turns the memory of a loved one or a failed relationship into intricately decorated pieces of gold and silver jewellery.
At times brutal symbolism: traditional ornamental roses and pearls sit alongside human skulls and morbid, long beaked skulls. tiny toy soldiers into silver rings, keep those overflowing feelings at bay. she also wonderfully crafts knuckle dusters.

Saturday, 10 October 2009


I love the way Fafi illustrates the female form as stubby and cute with hearts upon their cheeks in fantasy landscapes normally accompanied with animals.
In later work i have seen she seems to be turning the effect around and placing her work in normal situations either by painting on walls, bins etc or by displaying huge cut outs and of course using real girls as her canvas!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

A poster i made

Unfortunatly i can not insert a link, as someone in our group who has the movie did upload our master peice ;) to the net

bassically our video consisted of alot of marching and yodeling

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Little Lost and Innocent

I love these incredibly cute paintings are from artist Gemma Jones.
Gemma Jones is a contemporary pop art painter from Australia!
The Candystripers; is a collaboration between two Melbourne artists: pop-artist Gemma Jones and installation artist Lauren Brown. Their latest project is in the entrance to Bus Gallery, an artist-run-space in the heart of Melbourne, and is the third in a series of projects based in Melbourne."Seeking to create hyper-real spaces that walk the line between exterior and interior experiences, The Candy stripers project at Bus transforms the foyer into a cross between Victorian wallpaper, an over sized minimalist painting and a helicopter landing pad."

First post..

homework: “i dont usually set homework,but make a blog” Hazel Jones my lecturer on Interactive arts
so here i am! documenting everything and anything i find inspiaring!