Tuesday, 30 March 2010


While i have been at home, my mum got out a few old suit cases to show me things she has collected over the years after telling her about the Mary Greg project.
she has all sorts!  from pennys and keys to my dads old tooth brush. its was great looking at her collected objects; all with diffrent stroys and memorys attached.

i expecially enjoyed looking through all the diffrent keys, from old family cars, homes, padlocks.

i made key rubbing off them all as documentation - on tea standed paper to be hung up like collections of butterflys

Sunday, 28 March 2010

"Not Natasha" by Dana Popa

Popa says, ‘Natasha is the nickname given to prostitutes with Eastern European looks. Sex trafficked girls hate it".

Today a went to see the award winning hard hitting four year project by photographer Dana Popa at the Impressions gallery in Bradford.
She documents the experiences of sex trafficked women and from Moldova through photography and stories displayed on the walls of the room...as i walked round reading the stories you begin to feel quite emotional that women are been forced into these situations and not a great deal is been done about it,i read one story of a young bride who's husband sold her the night before there wedding.
The photographs consisted of abstracted angles and dark lighting i think this really reflects the moods and life stories of the working women.

Exhibition Information:
"Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Moldova is one of the main source countries for trafficking women and children, with up to 10% of the female population sold into prostitution abroad. Popa photographed and documented the disturbing experiences of these women in Moldova. She also collected the stories of those who remain disappeared, photographing their families, homes, and in some cases children who were left behind. Finally, she documented the spaces where trafficked women are forced into prostitution in the brothels of Soho, London.
Dana Popa (born 1977, Romania) is an award-winning photo-artist based in London who graduated from the London College of Communication. She specialises in contemporary social issues, with a particular emphasis on human rights."

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Ben Tolman

Whislt looking at surreal artist website i came across a few artist i found quite intreasting.

Ben Tolman - His black and white prints have a certain playful quality and would make nice paper cut outs or prints.

This is my fravorite:

Darker side of the moors

A Photoshop collage I made when thinking about the contrast of the beautiful scenery and some of the stories the hills hold. They are not as innocent as they look.
Also the black balloons to me symbolize deep thought & the keys as unlocking them.
 In reference to Wittgenstein; and my thoughts while on the moors.

Glossip Trip

Today was so much fun, trecking up into the beautiful country side of glossip to do somthing as simple as fly a kite, i feel it really brung the interactive art group together, everyone gets along so well..and it was intreasting to see everyones kites
unfortunattly my kite broke this morning when i was trying to secure it in my bag for riding to uni. though it gives me an excuse to go fly it over easter!

Micheal howard gave us a speech on "Wittgenstein" i have done a little research on him previous to the trip while making my kite, looking for quotes.
i really enjoyed working with quotes and making prints.

David Bowers

Quote from "BeinArt International surreal art collective"


Jon Beinart – "What inspires you to create art David?"

David Bowers – "I'm inspired a variety of things. Once I saw an antique bird cage in an antique store and I immediately thought of a Victorian woman's head in a birdcage. This idea became my painting titled "The Hummingbird Trainer." Sometimes I'm influenced by an old master's painting or a photograph that I've seen in a magazine. I guess for all artists, we have a desire to depict our world on canvas, whether it's the real world or the imagined."

I have just found this surreal artist, who looks at traditional painting with a surreal twist, main themes i see being Victorian women, woodlands and birds/bird cadges.
these themes always stand out to me as my main intreasts. taking insperation from David Bowers to make some collages.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Glossip Trip

Is tomorrow, making my own "boho" kite....twigs and newspaper!

Here is a picture :

Friday, 19 March 2010

Flyer & Posters

We found a place that can do 500 for under £20
I would love for them to all be handmade but i don’t think that idea would be practicable
I’m going to design some and so is Daniel and then we’ll see what looks best for a final copy
Trying to decide on a name seems like a weirdly important thing to do so far we have

Fee and Daniel are awesome IDST!

I’m not sure that would go down too well ha


Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Collaberation exibition

Me and Daniel a friends from interactive arts are attempting to orginise a end of year exibition!
we think this will give us great experience in regards to networking and orginsation skills which we can take on to the second year. also help to inspire class moral!

So the agree'd plan is, to make space of the dis used building around Manchester. weve applyed to the council asking if we can use a dis- used pizza shop on Oxford road. were still waiting for a reply
im already enjoying working on this exibition together. we seem to have alot of the same ideas in regards to what we want to achive - The building seems pretty big with side room avalible for videos aswel as installation
I asked a friend from manchester who is a aspiring photographer matt...for advice on how to go about getting free booze for the company, so we can intise people to come

Location : 67/73 Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 6EQ‎

Monday, 15 March 2010


"In psychology, memory is an organism's ability to store, retain, and recall information. Traditional studies of memory began in the fields of philosophy, including techniques of artificially enhancing the memory. The late nineteenth and early twentieth century put memory within the paradigms of cognitive psychology. In recent decades, it has become one of the principal pillars of a branch of science called cognitive neuroscience, an interdisciplinary link between cognitive psychology and neuroscience".

I guess my interest in memories comes from a lot of areas, my general interest in people,  the identys people project onto objects and my past study into psychology; but on a deeper level I’m interested in how our brains decipher the information which it then turns into memories of certain times in our life. Our minds can miss lead us into been deluded from reality and fiction I received Cognitive behavioral therapy early last year, now completing my treatment I find it very interesting how our memories can shape our actions on a daily basesI am interested in finding out about memories triggers and seeing how surroundings influence people memories

Manchester Art Gallery

Among lots of great work, i found this peice; which i found so similar to my own intreasts in found myself thinking i could of thought of this ;)
an amazing peice really intreasting to read all the diffrent responses and a simple use of objects to create a sculputre.

Pirates of Silicon Valley

Exploring the world of Apple whilst writting my spring term essay on advertising i came across "pirates of Silicon valley" an amzing film about rise and betrails facing young computer designers steve jobs and steve wozniak rebels and forward thinkers and there battles against IBM & Bill Gates.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Noise lab exibition

Drawing up sketches for my installation, Im intreasted in collecting memories and maybe how enviroments and objects spark our brains to remember certain times in our lifes, for instance a lyric, place, toy
these are all instigators that trigger our memories of certain events bad or good. The mind is an intreasting place through my installation is would like to see if by creating a "childlike" area i can manipulate the audience into recalling childhood stories, dreams and fantasys

First response for memory project

From my cousin Steven who go caught up between students and police at a protest in Gambia:


Security forces killed at least 14 persons during student riots on April 10 and 11 to protest the death of the student. Security forces shot and killed Omar Barrow, a journalist and Red Cross volunteer, while he was working at the Red Cross facility to assist wounded demonstrators. Despite the Government's initial insistence that security forces did not use live ammunition to suppress the riot, student victims and other witnesses alleged otherwise. A government commission of inquiry reportedly concluded that the Police Intervention Unit (PIU) officers were "largely responsible" for many of the deaths and other injuries.

On April 10, Gambia Student Union members attempted to hold a peaceful demonstration to protest the alleged mishandling of the investigation into the death of a student while in the custody of fire officers. The students also were protesting the alleged rape of a 13-year old school girl by an unidentified man in uniform. When police attempted to stop the demonstration, the student demonstrators burned tires and threw stones. In response security forces used live ammunition against the students, killing and injuring many students and arrested hundreds of students.

"Whilst travelling from Banjul towards the River leading to Sierra Leone we encountered a mass wall of students spanning the only tarmac road in The Gambia. They were setting fire to cars and shops along the main road.
We turned the car round and headed in the other direction to be confronted by a mass wall of armed personnel.
As we tried to find a side road, mortars were launched over us in the direction of the students. Everybody started running. We found a “hiding spot” down a side street.
As students poured past us setting things on fire, the army started firing. We saw children being shot at and hit plus the adults that had joined the protests. The army had pick up trucks with machine guns bolted to the roof and were firing at will as well as hitting fleeing students with baseball bats as they drove past.
We eventually deemed it too dangerous to stay and after a couple of hours decided to head to the American Embassy through a midst of gun fire. As we arrived we realised the building was also on fire and the Embassy had been evacuated. We eventually came upon an Army checkpoint at which point we abandoned the car and were transferred to an armoured personnel carrier. I think the army deemed British Nationals needed to be looked after, as at this point the government had closed the TV and radio stations and no reporting was being relayed to the rest of the world.
We were escorted back to a safe compound outside of the troubled area by approximately 100 armed guards and confined to it for the next 3 days.
We sneaked out the following night though as we heard music coming from what appeared to be a nightclub. We went in and everything stopped. The m.c was rapping anti government messages to base lines. We finished our beers and left for fear of being arrested if the place was raided."

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Chen Lei

"The big Kiss"  - 2006

Chen Leis work oftern concerns itself with his childhood while his sculpture expresses the inencumbled memories and fantasies of his childhood audiences are encouraged by Chein Lei not only to appriciate his childhood experiences and feelings but reflect upon there own .
Chen Lei exemplifies in many ways the radical changed taking place ub tge youth culture if China today

"In my opinion the relationship between human beings and nature should be to a large extent defind and verified by LOVE"

Taken from blurg and artist quote - Manchester art gallery

I found this peice very exciting and insperational to the re accouring themes i see in my own work.