Thursday, 26 November 2009


I was thinking & interested in looking in human cannibalism after talking to some peers about projects they've got going on about cannibalism.
People normally tend to think it is horrific to eat another living being as I do too but I also feel the same about people cadging, farming and eating animals. The thought of it leaves me feeling sick to the stomach and find it just as distubring that people do still carry out these acts.
I wanted to do some photography including this idea, in hopefully a quite kooky way whilst been meaningful to also be playful.
I then started thinking about cannibalism and food fetishes; and produced some photographs
photography is not maybe not one of my strong point as I’ve never really had any teaching or played with it much. But I really enjoyed having my friend model for me and taking everything into account; placing a few suggestive items here and there.
I will defiantly be doing more photography throughout the year; Here is one of my final images.

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