Thursday, 12 November 2009

Corner house opening + free drinks

Tonight was lots of fun, it was the opening night of "Artur zmijewski" a collective of polish artists all working in film medium.

Democracies: this was a series of short videos either footage from real events or re-enactments
I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy myself when I first arrived I’m not sure why maybe it
Was from all the shocking and nosey films... but as I started to look round I found a video
of the 10th Manifa, National Women’s Day, demonstration and counter- demonstration which took place on the 8th March 2009, Warsaw, Poland.
I remember seeing a sign saying "feminists are nartzis" and "abortion is the holocaust" they then moved on to say gay people are freaks and so on, I was so mad I got goose pimples.
Gallery 3:
Incased in a huge wooden shapely cave was a video been shown "Repetition" by Zemijewski
In order to test the results of Professor Philip Zimbardos infamous Stanford Prison Experiment were volunteers were given roles as either prison guards or prisoners. Zemijewski repeated this experiment in a purpose built prison enclosed in a basement. Volunteers were blindfolded and driven to the location on arrival they were given their roles and would be treat as either prisoner or guard.
Rule guide lines were set by experimenters; these were then given to the guards and passed onto the inmates. it was interesting to see how easily people will act out the roles they are given, it made me wonder if I would take the constant abuse from the officers or if I would remember it’s an experiment and I could refuse to any form of punishment they may try to give me. a "guard" in particular there was one guard who quickly became very controlling and power mad... soon bullying, and punishing prisoners for the most fickle things.
I remember studying this experiment briefly in my A levels, which for me made this piece all the more interesting

Plus on arrivel I was greated by a goody bag and a free drink token :)

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