Sunday, 31 January 2010

Jon Burgerman

Noise lab! it is acctually amazing, today was the first time i went, and im planning on going back alot more. Its a volenteer organization which offers free work spaces. work shops and artist talks to anyone whos intreasted. Also if you create an account on there website and upload some work, they can help sell it which is nice.

So the talk... it started at 1.00pm - i was ten mins late so when i finally arrived i was happy to find out he was running late. so we got sent away ( Me, Neil and Jay P)
we returned 40mins later he still hadnt shown.. to cut along story short he was an hour and a half late, but i didnt mind. there was plenty to take in around the studio and i had a talk to the cafe staff about the possibility of getting soya milk.

When he arrived he apologised and streight away i could tell it was going to be a fun presentation he had such a fun laid back attitude which is nice to see in people, expecially people you have planned to spend your sunday afternoon listening to.

he talked about his work from uni right to the presant day in a comical light hearted way, dodging any label as he went. He even showed us his uni blog biro-web,I liked the way he had set it up so simple.. just doodles on scrap bits of paper, you clicked on to get to the next padge.

he adviced us to "Take control of our own destanys" he said colaboration is a good and fun thing to do, just so long as you dont have to relay on other people... expecially when it comes your website.

There is two peices of work that stood out to me the most, a story he told where he went to a art festival with no work to sell.. so created a fun interactive peice out of cardboard.. i just loved it- if only i had seen it at the time.
he made a creative lab - with all sorts of cardboard scientific testing machines - and pycological tests including the anxity board & the procranator machine - i think i might need one of those!
He held fake task meetings in the morning on how to sell more work ( the graphs were just silly ideas - and a joke towards all the snooty women hired by artists to sell there work)
He also made lab rats and a cadge... they broke out and he hid them around other artists work.

He was also commisioned to draw over a big "my little poney" which i really loved. i would like to do one myself! it looked really cool when finished.

He moved on to tell us about stalkers hes had, I kinda think two of them was in the audience!

After the speech and Q&A which i still dont get involved in, tbh i just can never think of anything to ask - i thought hed answered any question i had - and then repeated himself to about 6 people who all asked practically the same question. Anyway back to my point - I rushed to the art shop in the Northen quater which was closed, so went for dinner with Neil and Cup - And thought about my dissopointment i didnt know about Mr scruffs visit to Noise Lab.

I then came home and spent the rest of my evening playing with Jon Burgerman inspired doodles ( never taking my pen of the paper and got my friends to join in too)

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