Thursday, 25 March 2010

David Bowers

Quote from "BeinArt International surreal art collective"

Jon Beinart – "What inspires you to create art David?"

David Bowers – "I'm inspired a variety of things. Once I saw an antique bird cage in an antique store and I immediately thought of a Victorian woman's head in a birdcage. This idea became my painting titled "The Hummingbird Trainer." Sometimes I'm influenced by an old master's painting or a photograph that I've seen in a magazine. I guess for all artists, we have a desire to depict our world on canvas, whether it's the real world or the imagined."

I have just found this surreal artist, who looks at traditional painting with a surreal twist, main themes i see being Victorian women, woodlands and birds/bird cadges.
these themes always stand out to me as my main intreasts. taking insperation from David Bowers to make some collages.

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