Sunday, 18 April 2010

Goldsmiths - But is it art?

Docomentry on BBC 4 about students at the school and there work and opinons:

Goldsmiths is renowned for producing a generation of well-known contemporary artists, including the likes of Damien Hirst and five other Turner prize winners. But what is behind its unrivalled reputation for producing the art stars of the future?

The first in a two-part documentary follows a group of student artists from Goldsmiths as they struggle to make art and a name for themselves during the run up to their final masters show, where dealers and collectors jostle to sign up the latest art sensation.

The artists are all desperate to make the kind of work that will propel them to centre stage in the art world, but only a chosen few will succeed. The film explores the culture of contemporary art through the ambitions, influences and attitudes of the next generation of young British artists.

Im enjoying watching this programe its making me think alot about my own practises and things id like to achive and how the students are so motivated to the projects i also find it comfeting to see even students at such a "big" collage find it hard to put across there thoughts and opinions.
though im yet again shown i just need to brake this kinda barrier of not doing eveything id like to.

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