Sunday, 11 October 2009

Wear it

At some point this year, when i have a range of images to work from i plan to take a work shop in jewellery making.
I have made plastic jewellery before, but would like to use metal and experiment with the playfulness which will be in the sybilisom i use and the hard yet delicate metals and (fake) perals

There is a French Jewellery designer; Gisele Ganne i found in a magazine i was reading who has an interesting collection " Mourning" or "divorce jewellery"
inspired by Victorian sentimental jewellery an era that she believe to have morned in style. Ganne turns the memory of a loved one or a failed relationship into intricately decorated pieces of gold and silver jewellery.
At times brutal symbolism: traditional ornamental roses and pearls sit alongside human skulls and morbid, long beaked skulls. tiny toy soldiers into silver rings, keep those overflowing feelings at bay. she also wonderfully crafts knuckle dusters.

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