Monday, 12 October 2009


Today i had a new brief set to "document everything we eat" from our Monday morning meeting to when i got into the studio at 10:30 tomorrow.

so far i have consumed:

Tom tom soup and a cup of tea @ the 8th day cafe with Kate
Vitamin water - raspberry and apple flavour (defence) while walking the streets of Manchester
A stick of celery on the train home were i bummed into Jamie
A carrot waiting for the kettle to boiled in my kitchen
Cup of tea with soy
Tasted a small bowl of kez's chickpea curry
Brown seeded toast plenty of marge with a cup of tea
Fajitas with wraps Neely made me
A cup of tea with soy

Toast and a cup of tea @ home
Trek peanut and oat bar @ bus stop
Vegan KitKat... or so i thought @ studio, was spat out
pear @ studio
walkers crisps, salt and vinger @ studio
chewing gum @ lecture theater
two bottles of water @ Corner house
mixed berry trek bar @ Corner house
slice of bread and tea @ kitchen
mushroom noodles and Marge brown bread @ dining room
cup of tea with Neely @ Neely's room
bottle of water @ kitchen
cornflakes with lots of sugar @ in bed
cup of tea @ in bed

1 comment:

  1. I like how you noted the places you ate too..
    and who with...I don't usually set homework could keep this diary going a little longer?