Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Collaberation exibition

Me and Daniel a friends from interactive arts are attempting to orginise a end of year exibition!
we think this will give us great experience in regards to networking and orginsation skills which we can take on to the second year. also help to inspire class moral!

So the agree'd plan is, to make space of the dis used building around Manchester. weve applyed to the council asking if we can use a dis- used pizza shop on Oxford road. were still waiting for a reply
im already enjoying working on this exibition together. we seem to have alot of the same ideas in regards to what we want to achive - The building seems pretty big with side room avalible for videos aswel as installation
I asked a friend from manchester who is a aspiring photographer matt...for advice on how to go about getting free booze for the company, so we can intise people to come

Location : 67/73 Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 6EQ‎

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